3 Reasons to Add a CAM License to Your Real Estate License

Working for yourself selling and renting out real estate can be a rewarding experience. A community association management license, or CAM, is a great addition to your real estate license. Expand your ability to work for yourself or to move into community management with the CAM license.

Expand Your Skills

As a real estate agent, you’ve already mastered many marketing skills and the difficulties of property turnover on rentals. These skills easily transfer to managing a property and the expectations of the residents. The day-to-day operations of managing a community are different enough to expand on those skills and grow in your career. The CAM licensing course helps fill in the gaps left by the real estate course you’ve already completed. Allpropertymanagement.com offers a list of resources for property management requirements for each state.

Enjoy Stable Employment

Not everyone can work for themselves long term. Whether it’s just not working out or the market isn’t doing as well for you, consider adding a CAM license to your real estate license. A community association management license allows you to manage a homeowners association, timeshare, planned unit development, condominium, and mobile home park. As these are stable parts of the economy, the stresses of working for yourself can be lifted some. Typical jobs include handling maintenance and operations for the community along with conducting meetings for the residents.

Smoothly Transition Careers

Going from selling property to managing property is an easy transition for most. The course for the CAM license typically lasts less than a year. Most states require the license to operate an association with a budget of $100,000 or larger. It’s also usually a requirement to manage more than ten units.

Working in real estate doesn’t have to be just selling and renting properties. Expand your employment possibilities with further licensing. You’ll be prepared to make a switch when the time is right or simply grow your current business to do more.