Advices of how to work with an estate agency

If you want to sell a property, contact the estate agency, present the offer in detail, consult with the real estate agent on the price you want (the interest is mutual – both parties wishing to obtain a larger price, but real), ask the name of the agent and give him your phone number and the hours when he can find you at that phone number. After your offer was taken, it was included in the database of the agency and the agreement was done in representing the real estate by the agency, what follows is that a real estate agent to view the property.



At viewing, the agent may ask you to sign a contract of viewing (to justify the hours in which he was missing or to make additions to the database of the agency) or an exclusive contract (this contract is actually to give the agency a period of 1-3 months of exclusivity, during where you will not cooperate with other estate agencies because the company which wants this contract is investing in the advertising of your property and in finding potential buyers). If you have signed an exclusive contract and you do not comply then assume the payment of the commission or of the penalties mentioned in the contract.

The next step is when the real estate agent brings potential clients to present the property. You can be lucky and the first customer to be the one who wants to buy the property, but do not worry, the real estate agent because of the accurate and complete information has selected the customer who fits best with your offer.  If you are alright on the selling price, go to the agency for completing the pre-contract (this pre-contract is very important and without it, it is almost impossible to sell).

At the pre-contract the owner comes with the original documents of the property and with the identity card. The brokerage contract (pre-contract) signed by the estate agency for a real estate transaction is made in triplicate. At the conclusion of the brokerage contract is paid an advance by the client (which often remains in the agency’ office for the safety of the transaction), and the owner lets the original documents to be checked and prepared for the sale – purchase at the notary.

If the transaction cannot be completed through the fault of the owner (if the owner is hiding to the buyer and to the agency that he has a mortgage or a command), the client will easily recover the advance given. The owner leave the original documents because only these can be submitted in the courthouse for the Real Estate Register excerpt (until the end of the sell-purchase agreement to the notary, an official report is drawn or is specified in the pre-contract the documents that remain in the agency).

The brokerage contract is concluded only at the estate agency’s headquarters (thus, see where it is located). At the agency must be visibly exposed its commission, the company’s registration certificate, any license or membership certificates of an association or professional real estate unions.

The estate agency is not a recovery firm and does not assume responsibility if the owner took the advance and spent it without possibility of recasting. There are cases where each case has a separate solution. When all documents are ready for the sale at the notary, follows the signing and the receiving of the money in front of a public notary.