Check these drainage issues before buying a house


The majority of people consider buying a house one of the biggest investments of their life. And when you like a house, there are few things that can make you walk away, because you consider it the house of your dreams. But when it comes to water issues, you know that they can cost a lot, and you do not afford to buy a house that features these problems. However, if this is the first house you buy, then you probably do not know the role of proper drainage. It is important to know from the beginning what issues you are facing with, because some of them are affordable to fix, but some of them are not. If you ask a plumber to clear block drains in London you will not have to pay a fortune, but if you ask them to replace the drainage system, then you will definitely experience money issues.

Ask the owner to show you the drainage plan

The majority of new properties experience drainage issues, so if you buy a newly constructed house then you have to understand the drainage system, before you buy. If it is possible, you should visit the site during a heavy rain, because in this way you will observe how the water flows.

Check for cracks in the foundation and exterior walls

You should check if a quarter slips into one of the cracks of the foundation, because this is a signs that you will experience issues in the future. This means that there are chances for water to be present somewhere.

You should check the rain gutter downspouts

You have to check if they drain to the ground. It is important to see if the water created a spot to collect water. In case you notice this, then you should expect to be a water intrusion on the property. You should check the water flow through the downspouts, because you have to see if it moves freely from the house. It is important the gutter downspouts to carry the water 10 feet away from the house or more.

Check the perimeter of the house

It is essential to do this, because you have to check if there is dirt adjacent to the foundation of the house. In case you notice, grading of the property slopes toward the house then this is a sign of structural damage, wet crawl spaces or toxic mould.