Does a hot tube increase home value or not?

The sale of any house implies the following scenario: you call an appraiser and he establishes the monetary value of the property. When determining the value of the house on the market, the appraiser evaluates the entire property and compares it to the ones from the surrounding area.  The market value is the combination of these two factors. If the neighbouring houses feature swimming pools, then your newly installed hot tube can add some resale value. Since Toronto hot tubs are very expensive, they are a real luxury for some people, but can they really increase the value of your house?

Yes and no

There is no way of knowing for sure if the Jacuzzi has a significant impact on the overall value of the house. What is for sure is that its presence counts for something, as long as you take into consideration certain factors. The buyer actually decides if the spa is relevant or not. The downside is that not all buyers specifically look for houses that have existing pools or Jacuzzis. The buyers of today focuses more on saving money, rather than spending huge amounts of cash for the maintenance of a pool or Jacuzzi.

When the hot tube does count

Contrary to popular belief, portable hot tubes are not without value. The reason why they do not typically add value to the home is that they are considered private property. In other words, they are not part of the land or house. The only ones that make the difference are built-in Jacuzzis because removing them implies extra construction to cover the whole that remains in the patio or the wall. Jacuzzis are more popular in cold climates where temperatures tend to be very low. The residents of these places will appreciate them more than those that live in warmer climates.

Increasing the value of the hot tube

If you do manage to find someone interested in your property, then you should pay attention to the aspect of the house. The spa has to be both appealing and to work properly. Remember that if it looks better, it will sell better. You do not have to invest a lot to change its appearance. The first thing to do is to change the cover and clean the exterior until it literally shines. Next, you have to take care of the interior, which implies removing traces of algae and possible stains. Additionally, the water has to be changed on a regular basis because you cannot afford to let people see the debris accumulated in the water.

How to determine the value of the hot tube

Some people are only interested in their personal comfort and this is why they will have a Jacuzzi installed regardless of the costs and lack of resale. Although the Jacuzzi does not add real value to the property, it manages to draw the attention of the buyers. Many pretend not to be interested in such luxuries, but the truth is that they are more drawn to houses that have renovation projects done. If you want the opinion of a professional, consult with a home appraiser or a real estate agent.