How to buy a house without too much trouble

When you want to buy a dwelling, you should know some things that will help you not to lose money and to carry out a costly transaction. Bellow we offer you some tips of how to buy a house without too much trouble.

Many turn to a real estate agent because of the cumbersome procedures that must be taken. On the one hand, a real estate agent can ease your situation, but he can also confuse you if he is not experienced. This means that choosing a good real estate agent is the first step for a successful transaction.


When you decide to buy a house, either old or new, be careful when you are choosing your real estate agent, to be sure that you have a helper in the process you’ll start. The client will hire the real estate agent; he will appoint him through an exclusive representation agreement for purchase to act in the real estate market. The best would be that this contract to be on defined term, between 3 and 6 months, because in this way the agent will seek to carry out the agreement in the shortest time, with the best price and the best offer for the buyer.

The next step is when there are analyzed the offers. When you find an appropriate offer, the agent will make a complete presentation to the client with photos, copies of the property documents, copies of the draft, will provide complete data about the year of construction, in which state the property is, if it is in a polluted area or in a noisy area, if it is a flood risk area, which is the price, which is the repository of good faith that the seller wants at the time of signing the pre-contract and when the house is free.

Then you proceed to view the property with the real estate agent. Of the offers presented during the contract, the client will choose a bid, at which point he must make a written offer to the seller. The agent will hand over the written offer to the seller and he can accept it or can want a negotiation.

After the buyer and seller price is accepted, is signed a sale-purchase promissory agreement to a notary public where is established the deadline of sale-purchase, with all the conditions. At this point, the buyer will make a repository of good faith that is considered as advance payment, which is dwindled from the final price of sale-purchase.

At the time when the sale-purchase agreement was set, the customer goes to the notary or the bank, to finalize the final document of sale-purchase. Taking possession of the house keys depends on what was established by the sale-purchase agreement. The buyer pays all notary documents related to the documents of sale-purchase and an evaluation of the property if it is about a credit. On signing the documents to the notary, the buyer will pay also the service of the real estate agent.

The seller must have all the documents that prove the ownership, the tax registration certificate and the real estate register excerpt.