How to evaluate a real estate

When we want to buy or to sell a property, when we ask ourselves the question: ‘How is it worth it?’, we should keep in mind several characteristics and how much these are influencing the final price. Thus we will know if the flat that was offered to us has a reasonable price or on the contrary; what we have to do to improve the housing conditions that we want to sell if its condition is not conducive to a profitable evaluation.

The real estate is used whether it’s a flat, a villa, an attic or any other type of living space, is a complex issue. Because it includes a number of different features, which can weigh more or less on its evaluation. Here are the main criteria that weigh in evaluating a real estate:

  • The type of living space (villa, old house, flat with one, two or more rooms, bed-sitting room, attic, space located in the basement);
  • The geographical location (to the city, the countryside, the mountains, in a tourist town);
  • The neighborhood with: busy streets, central or peripheral of a big city, roads, railways, industrial enterprise, parks;
  • The size, naming the total square feet and the one we can step on, and also the volume (a flat with a very high ceiling can be restructured, increasing thus the usage space);
  • The presence of adjacent areas such as basement, attic, garage, parking;
  • The condition of the walls, of the sanitary spaces, of the windows, of the door frames;
  • The condition of the heating system (if there is central heating, the house will worth more), of the electrical one and so on, and their conformity with the law;
  • The condition of the external facade, the roof, foundation;
  • The materials used for the house construction and the internal and external finishing;
  • The earthquake criteria considered to the build of the house;
  • Possible presence of added values: alarm systems or video-surveillance, air conditioning devices, quality tiles in the bathroom, external covers for the terraces or balconies;
  • If it is sell with furniture: the furniture condition;
  • The exposure and sight that the house enjoys;
  • The brightness of the house;
  • The floor where the flat is located and thus the presence of a possible elevator;
  • The condition of the block of flats in which the flat is located.