How to find a reliable realtor

In the past, people would choose a realtor through referrals, friends and family members would recommend someone and that was it. Nowadays, the Internet and social media has changed how we choose our realtors, because we have easy access to a vast amount of information about any company that might have piqued our interest. If you want to find a real estate broker in Ottawa, you only need to make a quick online research to find a list of the most renowned providers near you. It is just a matter of minutes to discover details with regards to their previous transactions and market knowledge. Real estate agents are very useful, because they know more about the market and have access to private showings, but it is important to pick someone that has your bets interest at heart and the skills to meet your expectations. There are a few ways in which you can test the reliability and work ethics of a realtor.

Start by telling your realtor that you have a very limited budget. If he/she starts to convince you to change your mind and even get a loan for a better house without bothering to search for something within you budget limit or if she/he has a change of attitude, because they know their commission will not be that high, you can probably assume that the agent is not trustworthy. Realtors should provide the same level of service irrespective of the amount involved in the transaction. The price range you choose should not render you less or more respect, if the agent truly works for the client. You should find a real estate broker in Ottawa that adheres to the underlying principles of this work and is dedicated to his/her work, regardless of the commission.


You should also check out past sales and reviews of your future agent to ensure that he/she has the experience necessary for the type of service you require. The ultimate proof that a realtor is truly professional and skilled is the transactions he/she managed. An impressive sale will prove for example that your broker has the ability to handle some complicated components on the listing and selling side, while many house sales in the area you are also interested in will prove that you will receive help from someone that specializes in this type of transactions and you could not have asked for more. Previous customers can also help you make a decision, because they will stand witness to the level of commitment and professionalism the realtor has shown during their collaboration. Last but not least on the list of tricks you can use to discover a reliable realtor is getting a second opinion. Reaching out to someone for a second opinion will only help you rest assured that you have received the best advice and it might help you discover that there are better offers out there, so you have nothing to lose.