How to Grow Your Business with FSBO Leads

If you work as a real estate agent, and you are not contacting FSBO leads, you are missing out on a major market share. In theory, contacting these leads may seem like a waste of time. After all, people who want to work with an agent have all the means to do so. You can find agents online, in newspapers, on social networks, and there are always friend referrals. However, some people simply don’t want to go through the trouble of finding an agent, or they simply think that it will be easier to sell their homes by themselves. Nonetheless, as you are about to discover, a big percentage of these leads are willing to work with an agent.

How convertible are FSBOs?

According to the independent studies conducted by several real estate agencies, over 80% of all FSBO leads are willing to work with an agent. Not only that, but more than 70% of these people usually choose the first agent that contacts them. That is an incredible conversion rate, and it shows that these leads are not only efficient, but they are also urgent. So, you need to find a way to contact as many of them as fast as possible.

Where do you find the leads?

First of all, you have the local newspapers, and believe it or not, the newspaper is far from being a dead media channel. It is still vividly read, especially by the older generations, who also happen to be the ones more likely to possess valuable assets. So, your local newspapers should be your first lead source. Aside from the print media, you also have the internet. This is where things get more complicated as there are thousands of websites in the USA where people can place ads. Sure, you can narrow down your choices to the websites with the highest traffic, or the ones that show up in the rankings for specific real estate keywords. Nonetheless, all this research takes time. Even if you narrow down your sources to two dozen websites, you will still waste a couple of hours per day searching for the leads manually, not to mention the fact that the websites that you are leaving out could also feature relevant leads. As such, the best solution is to work with a FSBO lead provider. There are many companies that deliver daily leads, first thing in the morning. These companies have special algorithms that automatically search all the relevant websites for new property ads.