How to save money while studying abroad

The great majority of students do not even consider studying abroad because they are afraid of the amount of money they would have to spend while living in a foreign country. However, contrary to what most of them believe, there are great methods that you can use in order to budget for your study abroad program and one very good example is to find an affordable student accommodation Newcastle. Here are some useful tips and tricks that could help you with this matter.

Find affordable student accommodation

The best way you can save some money when studying abroad is to do some detailed online research and look for an affordable student accommodation several months before you move to the new host country. Cheap and close to the college accommodation is the first one to give, so you have to move fast and find the right one for you before it is too late.

Use your kitchen if you have one

Another great way to save some money is to cook your own meal. Sure, eating out in a fancy restaurant, or even buying a hamburger from a fast food is more timesaving and comfortable, but it is definitely not more cost-effective. If your student accommodation is equipped with a kitchen, you should consider using it. Even though you are not a Master Chef, you can always learn by starting with the simplest recipes you can find in a cook book.

Budget travel should be your friend

Whenever you want to go home and visit your family and friends, you should pay great attention to the flight tickets you purchase, because some of them can be highly expensive. Opt for the budget tickets from low-cost airline companies in order to save more money.

Use Skype

Skype should also become one of your best friends while studying abroad, which should replace those expensive international calls. It is commonly known that this app allows you to make both phone and video calls, so you should definitely take advantage of it and keep in touch with your family and friends via Skype.

Take advantage of student discounts

As a student in one of the European colleges, you have many advantages and one of them is that you can get some amazing discounts in various places, such as pubs, libraries, cinemas, theatres and so on, so if you really want to make this period the best experience of your lifetime, you should not hesitate taking advantage of these student discounts.