Investments that can increase the value of your house

If you are interested in selling your house in the near future and you want to make sure you obtain the best possible price for it, there are a few investments that you can do. Even though not all investments are worth the trouble, the following ideas will surely increase the value of your home considerably:

Insulate the attic

By hiring a spray foam insulation Mississauga company to insulate your attic, you will be lowering the energy costs of your home with up to 30%, because much of the warm air inside the house can escape through the attic. Any potential buyer will appreciate this investment and will be more tempted to purchase the house, because this investment could save them a lot of money on the energy bill. The great thing is that this investment is not nearly as expensive as some people may think and will really help you find a buyer sooner.


Update the plumbing

Having rusty old pipes that are bound to burst at any moment will not appeal to any buyer. In addition, home appraisers take plumbing very seriously and they will value your house at a much higher price than you spent replacing it, so it is worth making this investment. When you think of all the times you visited an open house, this was probably one of the first things that the real estate agent mentioned if it was the case. Dealing with a burst pipe in the middle of the night is every person’s nightmare, which is why everyone places such a big deal of this aspect.


Front yard makeover

This really is something that will not cost very much at all, but will make your house sell faster. People are always tempted to buy a house that has a nice front yard even though it may not have all the usual amenities inside, because they can imagine themselves living there, they see their kids playing in that yard and thus they are tempted to make an emotional decision. A front yard makeover will make your home stand out, so those who visit multiple open houses and revise their visits at the end of the day will remember your house better and thus the chances of selling it faster increase exponentially.


Don’t forget about the kitchen

Even though remodelling the kitchen does require a considerable investment, this is by far one of the places that all people ask about, even the ones who do not cook all that much. However, rather than buying expensive appliances, you should think of organising the cooking space better in order to obtain that triangle that all experts talk about. Basically the space between the sink, the cooktop and the stove should be optimised to obtain a nice workflow. Is the dishwater close to the sink or do you have to drip water all over the floor before placing the dishes in the dishwasher? How far is the cooktop from the stove? These are the questions that you should be asking yourself when trying to obtain the perfect kitchen.