Is a Volkswagen beetle the perfect choice for a real estate agent?

If you work in the real estate industry, traveling from A to B on a daily basis is probably necessary. Real estate agents need to constantly meet up with clients, and visit various properties with regularity, which means they are always on the go. Due to the nature of your profession, having a good car at your disposal can be essential. If you are currently looking for an option, perhaps you should think about the Volkswagen Beetle. These are the reasons why this vehicle could make an advantageous option for you:

Compact size

When looking for car that can easily be maneuvered, regardless of how tight the space might be, the Volkswagen Beetle is certainly worth considering. Having the advantage of being compact in size, you will not have any difficulties in driving it around or parking it in tight spaces. If you check reviews for used Volkswagen beetle, the size of the car is one of the first advantages mentioned.


Knowing that your car will not show any signs of malfunction when you might need it most, should certainly be on your list of purchase criteria. Vehicle reliability is of great importance when you are using the car on a daily basis and your professional activities rely on it. While researching and reading reviews written by other drivers, you will find out that the Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most long-term, reliable cars you can opt for.

Gas mileage

If the nature of your job requires you to drive a lot of miles everyday, the money you spend on gas is probably one of your concerns. This is why you should purchase a car that offers you reasonable gas mileage. In terms of fuel efficiency, the Volkswagen Beetle is a car that does not disappoint. If you buy a Beetle with the right transmission, gas prices will no longer be a problem for you.

As a real estate agent, you are probably on the road quite a lot, so having a vehicle that can meet all your needs is of course necessary. From the aspect mentioned, you can conclude for yourself that a Volkswagen Beetle might be the perfect car choice for you. Being quite an affordable option, both in terms of initial price and long terms maintenance costs, and providing a great ride quality, take this vehicle for a test drive and you will certainly end up loving it.