Key items real estate agents need on the road

Real estate agents are always on the road. If they’re not on their way to showings, they go to meet with clients. Contrary to popular belief, realtors don’t make money while they sleep. They work day and night, helping people either buy or sell a piece of property. Real estate agents drive billions of miles each year, so they are rarely at their offices. But this is no secret to you. You’re a realtor and you know very well what the job implies.

You don’t drive from one place to the other in a dumpy car. You have a used Toyota Tacoma, which is just as good if not better than a new one. Edmunds claims that the Toyota Tacoma is at the same time reliable and durable and we believe them. You have a vehicle that positively impacts your business, but do you have the items that ensure real estate success. We bet you don’t. Next time you hit the road, make sure to have these essentials in your car.  

Smartphone and tablet

At present, you’re not likely to see anyone without their smartphone or tablet. People take their beloved gadgets with them and so should you. Obviously, you need your smartphone to call clients and leads, arrange meetings, take pictures of the listings, and upload documents. In the real estate world, you can’t do without a smartphone. Neither can you do without your tablet. You’re probably wondering what can you do with the tablet. Simple: have open house attendees sign. Why carry documents with you when you have an intelligent device.

Spare working clothes

In the real estate business, image is everything. People expect realtors to dress in a certain fashion and you can’t expect to disappoint them. What you need is professional attire. But what do you do if you spill coffee on your suit? The only thing you can do is change clothes. Having spare working clothes in the back of your Toyota Tacoma is essential. In case you spill foods or drinks on you or if you sweat a lot, you need to change clothes right away.  

Measuring tape

Keeping measuring tape in your vehicle is what you should do. Why? Because you’ll need to prove to clients that the space is as advertised. People naturally assume that the size and square footage that is listed is exaggerated, anyway that it’s misleading. If you want to avoid tricky situations, bring measuring tape with you.