Living at Home Vs. Living in an Apartment

As a young man or fresh college graduate student you start to think where are you going to like, are you going to move back into your parents house or are you going to move into a place of your own. When you make this decision you have to balance all aspects. When you think about moving back home you see less costs and comfort but what you are not putting into balance is the independence and the freedom of creating a place to suite all your needs and wants. People who decide they want to live at home do not have all this things. You do not have to worry about not being able to pay for your own house, because there are plenty of loan options and alternatives you can choose from available on the market. You can also ask your parents for support, if you cannot get a loan. Taking a military mortgage would only require paperwork from their part and you can pay for it instead of them, if you are certain that you want to move out.

Cost savings when you live at home

If you live in your parents’ house you save up a lot of money, you don´t have to pay rent, you don´t have to pay utilities because your parents are paying them and your mother will probably do the groceries. However, if you live in an apartment by yourself you have to pay all these things. The bills are the same: you have to pay rent, you have to go and buy food, you have to pay all the utilities bills but you will have the liberty you want. Apart from these bills,when you move in, you will have to buy furniture and other thing that you will need in the house: linens, kitchen stuff and bath accessory.

What implies living independently?

When you live on your own in an apartment you have control over everything that is happening in your home. If you have a room you can´t even notice the difference because you still have that freedom that you have been waiting for, no will tell you what to do, when to get up and go to sleep and nobody will tell you when to clean your room.

Designing your own place

As long as you get enough money from the military mortgage, you can remodel your new place in any way you want. Imagine living on your own in a place that you designed with your own hands! If you have the advantage of living in an apartment than you have the liberty to design it the way you like it. You can choose furniture and accessory which suite your personality. The whole house will have your personal touch. If you are living at home you don´t have this luxury, you can´t design every room according to your taste. At first it might look like your parents have taken into consideration your taste in furniture and carpets over the year but in the end they still had the final say. Moreover, with an apartment of your own, you gain a sense of responsibility and learn to find out what you want in life and who you really are. You will have to make more sacrifices, but they will prove to be in your favor in the end. One of the perks of living alone, as we were saying, is that you will be able to make the decisions concerning how your home looks; you can hire a Warwickshire builder and consult with them over the changes you want to make, and they will also give you an estimate of the costs. That way, you’ll be able to start saving money for repairs or remodeling, depending on what the issues really are. It is easy to find a Warwickshire builder, and if you do proper research, you may even be able to get a hold of more accessible prices or special offers. Finally, you could consider sharing the apartment with a roommate, thus sharing the costs as well.