Maintenance Tips for Antique Furniture

If you own antique furniture or have inherited it, then you know it is a lot more pretentious than normal furniture. This happens first of all due to its advanced age, which makes it be in a more delicate state, but also due to its value. Antique furniture is expensive because it is old, because it is made from quality materials, and because it was made manually, by traditional methods, by using a craft that has disappeared. The thing with this kind of furniture is that you can notice a difference in manufacture by the way it still resists to our days; mass-produced furniture will always be made from less qualitative materials, the techniques used will not be perfect.

Of course you can still buy very good furniture today, but it just doesn’t have the character of antique furniture with intricate designs that a craftsman built piece by piece and then put together. Nobody has the patience to sit and carve hundreds of roses on a table or chair, or to carve it so intricately that it looks like lace; indeed there is Portuguese antique wood furniture made in this fashion, and it is absolutely spectacular and impressive. So how can you make sure the value of your furniture will keep, and that the pieces themselves will be preserved in good condition? First of all, if you know you can’t afford it, it may be better for everyone if you sold it to someone who has interest in keeping it, or to a museum, which can also expose it and let others enjoy the mastery as well.

Second of all, you need to call an appraiser and a restorer; they will tell you how much the furniture is worth, and how much its value can be increased if you restore it. Sometimes, the difference can be quite big, so don’t hesitate to make the investment. A good restorer will use special materials, such as wood as old as the piece they are restoring, to keep as much from the authenticity and period of the piece. Moreover, a restorer that knows what they’re doing will study the period of the piece and try to use methods of that time, and even prepare their own lacquers and treatments.

But maintaining your antique furniture doesn’t just depend on professionals, it is something you have to deal with yourself on a regular basis. For example, you have to make sure that the atmosphere and humidity levels in your home are normal; when the humidity is too high, wood can bend and deform, and there is little you can do to fix it. However, when the air is too dry, it can cause cracks int wood, and you need to bring in a dehumidifier. You should read up on some whole house humidifier reviews, and then you can purchase a product that will act on the entire house, and which won’t have to be visible because it is installed in a vent. By using a whole house dehumidifier, you won’t have to spoil the overall decor and design of your home, and you will just be enjoying your lovely heirloom furniture.