Real estate exchanges – how to change your business location

Have you analyzed the sale trends of your company? Are you customers located in the same area where you provide your services? The main purpose of any business is to reach a large number of clients, and sometimes the best way of doing this is to bring your products closer to them. But because the transportation costs might be quite high, you should consider moving the location of company, because in this way you would not have to pay anything at all. You should not opt for the classic method of selling your present business property and purchasing a new one, because you would have to give a part of the money you obtain to the state, as taxes. However, if you opt for a real estate exchange you would have only benefits, and you can be sure that you would find the best commercial property where to relocate your company. It is advisable to collaborate with a firm that facilitates real estate exchanges, because the process could be overwhelming for a person who has not done this before.

Make sure you close the deal within 6 months

So you would have to designate a property to change it with yours, but you do not have a large time frame for doing this. In case you would not find a property that you like from the first time, you have the possibility to ask a middleman assess you during the exchange. Therefore, you would have to sell your property, and the money would get in the possession of the intermediary. After, that you have 45 days to tell your middleman what property you want to purchase for you, and in case you are not decided from the first time upon a single one, you can name three, but with the condition to close the deal on one of them. Make sure that all the process would not take more than 6 months, because this is the time frame established by the law.

Choose a property listed at the same price or more expensive

When selecting a new property where to relocate your business, you have to be sure that it is listed at the same price or at a higher sum than your present one. You are not allowed to make any gain from this exchange, because if there are any funds left, you would have to pay taxes on them. In case you want to expand your business and you consider that you need a larger property, then you can add the remaining sum and purchase a more expensive property. In addition, in case you consider that it would be more profitable to purchase more properties, instead of a single one, you can swap your property with multiple ones, in different parts of the state. Make sure that you replace it with one that is not the subject of a mortgage, because the process might be more difficult, and you might not even be eligible for the swap.