Real estate franchise

Have you ever heard of a Real estate franchise? HomeSmart is a relevant example that starting with the year 2000 appeared on the Phoenix marketplace and is specialized in advanced technologies. If in 2000 the company counted only two agents, nowadays it has more than 4,000 agents and it is widespread not only in Arizona, but also in California. HomeSmart is one of the first 10 real estate brokerages in the USA and is considered the biggest one in the Southern.

Matt Widdows was the person that created HomeSmart and became a family business until now. Thanks to Matt’s background in technology and everything that is related to real estate and the support of his wife were the main ingredients to his success. At the beginning, the company was specialized accounts receivable systems used in the medical field. When Matt began to take advantage of his rights as a real estate licensed agent and let the company to someone else to take over in 1994, his following step was to get involved into the real estate industry.

Thus in 1999 he created HomeSmart after putting into practice his technological knowledge and implemented it into real estate business. HomeSmart was basically a source of agents specialized in operating with edge tools, that were working in professional manner and with maximum efficiency. The employees were given the right conditions to work with their clients in a safe and comfortable environment, with no time pressure or lack of information.

The technology implemented by HomeSmart was useful to the IT field due to its ability to combine technology and human aid, within customer service. In general the collaboration between these two parts is not successful and one of them has to support the consequences. It is not the case of HomeSmart, which is specialized in it.

Even nowadays, HomeSmart occupies a significant place in the Real Estate Industry due to its high-level results in providing customer service. It has professional agents that are known to be among the best ones in this field and due to their preparation, the company managed to franchise its systems. Real Estate franchise refer to allowing someone else to take your brand and promote it somewhere around the world, after having been taught by you how to do it.

A real estate franchise is a profitable business for every entrepreneur who wants to make sure of his future positive results and after getting in touch with the managers of HomeSmart their tasks will look even easier than they have ever thought of.