The island of Itaparica offers lesser-known property investment opportunities 


When you think about real estate investments, Brazil might not be your first choice, considering the country is currently in recession. However, if you give this topic more consideration, and think about what the future might have in hold for this country, and potential real estate developments, you could start changing your mind. One example of location that you could invest in and benefit from long-term advantages is the island of Itaparica, which for a few years now, has been targeted by Bay View Projetos – a reputable international estate development company. Keep reading and you will find out about the lesser-known investment opportunities of this island, and how to receive the necessary support.

Natural Beauty – Breath taking scenery

One of the first reasons why the island of Itaparica should be seriously considered for a potential property investment is due to its amazing natural beauty. Taking into account how difficult it is to reach this island (despite its proximity to the big city of Salvador, the construction of a bridge has only just begun), you probably would expect the location not to have that much to offer. Well, once you look for photographs online, you will discover for yourself its breathtakingly scenery and what a great potential this island has.

Affordable prices

In the real estate industry, you need to be one-step ahead of the market, and anticipate possible infrastructure developments. The island of Itaparica has everything it needs to flourish into a location sought by investors and tourists, as soon as a bridge linking the island to Salvador will be built. However, because the bridge project has not been completed yet, the real estate prices are still affordable, aspect that will undoubtedly change in the next couple of years. Now is the right time to get your own property in Itaparica, because prices will soon start growing.

Receiving guidance and support from Bay View Projetos

Even if you might have a good financial situation that allows you to invest in the real estate market, you still require the guidance and expertise of a good estate development company. Bay View Projetos has been working in this industry for a long time, and since the year of 2010, they have started purchasing land in Itaparica, anticipating the amazing development possibilities that will not take long to appear. This company has already started to put together a project for future luxury residences and hotel buildings, and can help you partake in in this project. The company’s experts stand at your disposal with all the information you need, and will help you understand why and how to invest in the real estate market of Itaparica. Although BVP is based in London, it also has a company office situated in Salvador, which allows them to constantly stay on top of this project.

Therefore, considering all of these aspects, and the support you can receive from Bay View Projetos, investing in the real estate market of the island of Itaparica could be a wise decision to make. The benefits you will be able to enjoy are long-term ones, and if you research the topic with care, and partake in the vision that the BVP Company has, you will reach the same conclusion yourself. In the real estate market, you need to grab an opportunity as soon as you find one, so make sure to take advantage of this possibility.