The seller’s etiquette for house showings

Whether you are trying to sell your house on your own or with the help of a realtor agent, you are the one that needs to make sure that the property you are trying to sell is ready for showings to take place there and that the possible future buyers will be satisfied with what they are seeing. There are few things, yet essential aspects that you need to consider in order to prepare your house for a successful showing that will help you find a buyer for your house sooner than you think.

A clean house is a welcoming one

When you have decided to sell your house and you are planning to host some showings in order to find a buyer for it, you absolutely need to be aware of the fact that cleaning the house is a must. No one would be interested in buying a property that has an unpleasant odor, dirty floors, dusty tier on tier shutters and walls covered in mold. A proper cleaning of the house is the first success key for any house showing.

Fix the broken things

Before the showing, you need to make sure that the house is looking at its best. Apart from cleaning the house you also need to do some small improvements to the broken things that do not look like brand-new anymore. If needed, repaint the walls for a fresher look and repair the broken furniture that you are going to leave inside the house. even if this might cost you some extra money, it will surely give you the opportunity to ask for a better price for your property.

Take the pets out

Even if the pets are part of your family and you love them enormously, the possible future buyers might not be so delighted to come for a house showing where they have to deal with a dog or a cat jumping on them for the playtime. Moreover, the people that you are showing the house to, might be allergic to your pet and this is surely going to ruin your showing. If you are the one showing your house, ask a friend or a family member to take your pets out of the house for a walk until the showing is over.

Consider the exterior of the house

The façade of your house is also an important aspect that you need to consider and improve before house showing. If the exterior of your house will look like an old and ruined one, the possible future buyers will create the wrong impression even before entering your property for sale.

Set the mood

This is a pro tip that any realtor uses when showing a property to the interested people in it. A pleasant odor and a friendly attitude will surely make the future possible buyers feel more relaxed and interested about the house. Use candles with a nice scent, open the tier on tier shutters for more natural light to come inside, offer refreshments and place a plate with home-baked cookies to create a welcoming atmosphere inside the house.