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Purchasing a holiday villas: good or bad decision?

The real estate market is an ever-changing place, one that cannot stand still and which will continue to surprise those that have some interest in it. If some time ago, the real estate market suffered a great kick, today, it has really started to show signs of improvement. Slowly, but surely, properties have started to […]

Finding the best mortgage solutions for Canadian military

There was a time when buying a home gave you two or three simple options: applying for a fixed-rate mortgage, getting a government insured loan or an ARM. However, times have changed and the home buying and mortgage market has expanded greatly, now being a series of various other options and solutions that interested buyers […]

The difference between mortgage brokers and banks

When people are trying to buy a house in Canada and they need to apply for a mortgage, they basically have two options: going to their bank and apply or resorting to the services of a licensed mortgage broker, such as, in order to get the assistance and support they need. Many clients go […]

Ribbon facts – the history of ribbons

Ribbons are useful, generally decorative pieces of fabric that come in various sizes, colors, textures and forms. Currently, a ribbon can serve multiple purposes such as Christmas decoration, fashion accessory, gifts wrapping, wedding decoration, hair accessory and so on, not to mention the awareness raising campaigns that involve people wearing ribbons of various colors to […]

Reasons to work with a specialized military mortgage broker

The real estate market truly is a difficult and complex domain. It is full of dos and don’ts, full of pieces of advice on how to sell or buy a house faster and without complicating the process in any way. The truth is that in this market, where there are so many rules as well […]

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