Top Things You Should Ask a Real Estate Agent

It is very important to know what questions to ask in order to get a good real estate agent. Since the investment is a huge one you need to hire a capable agent. There are specific categories for every type of transaction: there are sets of questions which you can ask a listing agent when you want to sell a house and there is a set of questions which you can ask buyer agent when you want to buy a house.

Experience is very important when you are dealing with this type of investment. If you want to buy a house or sell the house you need an experienced agent who can represent your interests. The questions which you should be asking when you are interviewing an agent are: How many clients have you had this year? and Is this your full time job?. This questions will give you an idea on how active the real estate agent is. A person who wants to buy a house wants an agent who has a vast experience in buying properties. If you are a person who want to sell a home you would like and agent who has a long list of listings.

The fees which you have to pay to your agent are also important. If you are a buyer you are interested in the commission you have to pay to your agent, if you want to sell you only have to worry about the commission on the property. The questions a seller should ask his agent are: What are your comission rates? and What other costs should I expect?. Everybody know that the commission you have to give to the agent grows as the value of the property grows.

The safest way to check on a real estate agent is to talk to his previous clients. The appropriate question you should ask is: Would you mind is you give me the name and the phone number of some of your former clients?. Since there are so much money involved you should not be shy to ask this question.

As a person who wants to buy a house it is also important that you ask this question: Will you show me all the properties for sale?. By asking this question you will be able to see if the agent will only show you listing or he will show you homes which are put for sale by owners.