What Bills You Pay in a House

People choose to move into a house  for many reasons: they decide to start a family, they want to have children but they do not want to raise them in an apartment, some people what to have the feeling of property,some are tired of living in a small space and not having enough privacy because this is what happens when you live in an apartment. Some people buy a home and some rent it. No matter how you get a house you still have a set of bills which come with it. If you are renting a house the first bill is the monthly rent, if you are buying a house the first bill is the mortgage which you also have to pay every month.

The first bills you have to pay when you own a house are utilities. The standard utilities are: gas, water and electricity. You can pay a little bit more than usual for gas or electricity if you have a boiler or if the heat in the house is done through gas. We all know what the water bill is for, you can use the toilet or wash if you do not have water.

The next bill you have to pay is home insurance. This bill is also universal which means that even if you are renting the house or if you own it you still have to get one. If you are buying the house with the help of a mortgage you will be asked to get a home insurance. The home insurance is for when something happens to the house: if there’s a fire or storm and you have some serious damages the insurance will help cover the costs. The best thing about this is that you are also insured, if you are injured on the property or if someone is you will be able to cover the medical bills.

Another bull which comes with the house is the disposal of the trash. For this you have two choices: you can solve the problem on you own-dispose the trash by yourself and the other one is hiring a company with trash collecting services. For this service you will be charged every month with a certain amount of money, you will be given a schedule with the day and hour the trash will be picked up. In some cases this service is provided by the municipality and you have to pay a fee once a year.