What sets executive rental homes apart from other rental properties?

Executive rental properties are a relatively small part of the rental real estate market, but that doesn’t mean that they are less important. On the contrary, they are designed to serve a category of tenants that have high standards, high requirements, expect the best in terms of comfort and are willing to pay extra for all of this. Executive rental homes are properties that can be rented out to executives and/or business persons who are either on a longer business trip or they are moving out for work and need a place to adjust until they buy property. Unlike hotels, which tend to be very expensive and impersonal, executive rentals offer a home away from home and don’t put tenants through the hassle of decorating and refurbishing themselves. Here are some main features that set them apart from regular rentals.

Short term rentals

Unlike regular properties, which can be rented out for years, executive rentals are designed to be short term. Business persons who rent them are expected to have a short stay ranging from a couple of days to one month. Websites such as http://www.rentalpropertiessalisburymd.com offer these executive short term rentals, which are very popular among business persons who are in town for a couple of days but don’t like the facilities in hotels.  

Executive rental homes are fully furnished

When people rent executives homes, they don’t travel for leisure, they travel for business purposes. Most of the time, their schedule is already full, they don’t have time to worry about reburnishing, but at the same time they don’t want to come back after a full day of meetings to four blank walls. This is why executive rental homes are fully furnished. They have large, well equipped bathrooms, a kitchen so that the occupants can cook or make coffee, a large wardrobe and a few sets of bedsheets. Basically, they look like welcoming houses and you only have to bring your clothes.

Extra facilities

One of the biggest complains that executives have with hotels is that they Internet is very bad and they can’t make conference calls, chat online or connect to cloud services. This happens either because the hotel has a cheap Internet package or because the connection is shared between too many users (this also raises the question of security, most executives want to use their own secure connection). Executive rentals are a better alternative because they have their own WiFi, so occupants can enjoy a fast, stable connection. In addition to this, executive homes also have cable TV and other extra facilities such as surround sound systems, dishwashers etc.  

Cleaning service

Last, but not least, executives who stay on business trips for more than a week need a cleaning service. In general, this is provided weekly, but those who opt for this type of housing may also choose a property that has a washing machine if they prefer to do the laundry themselves.