What should you ask to a real estate agent and how you choose him?

First, the agent must be an employee of an estate agency easy to identify. The agency must have a permanent office, to be indicated, to have an office set up as a working place with the public, with secretariat, and a meeting room in which to discuss privately with customers the details about payment, money, privacy.

The real estate agent must have experience. Ask him questions about past transactions made and the area that interests you: in what real estate transactions he is specialized (houses, land, apartments)? How well knows the area where you want to buy a house? For how long is a real estate agent? What kind of clients does he has, more sellers or more buyers? How many homes he sold recently? What price and in what areas? What services can he offer you besides the views of houses? Depending on the answers you can figure out whether to sign a service contract or go to another estate agency. Large agencies, which are working professional have agents specialized in each type of transaction and in each market share. It is good to find an agent specialized in your type of request. Undoubtedly, an agent with many customers and more sales in a given area knows where to fit the demand, the price and the offer. Regarding the number of customers is ideally, say the U.S. statistics, that an agent, no matter how good he is, should not handle simultaneously more than 12 customers, to have time to investigate and solve optimally all requests. Now, it is not good to go to the other extreme either, because an agent to whom you are the only client is either lazy or his agency has a bad name.

In an estate agency must be qualified personnel to provide safe and optimal conditions for the transaction. In the West, legislation regarding the operation of the brokerage firms is well regulated and there are professional associations which verify the accuracy of the agencies and their good functionality. Also, the staff is always qualified and any deviation of a real estate agent leads to his exclusion.

Another sign of seriousness is the real estate service contract, which an estate agency will ask to sign when you call on it. These contracts are drawn up to protect the agency and to persuade the client to pay the commission if they purchase a house presented ​​by its employees. However, there are standard clauses in the contract that protect the customers. Check them.

1. The commission value must be presented in percentage, black on white.

2. The term to which the commission is payable is again important. Usually this coincides with the signing of sale and purchase agreements between the seller and the buyer, to which the intermediary is assisting, namely the agent. How the commission is the equivalent value of the intermediation services, the agency may ask for an advance. Do not worry, it is a normal practice. Make sure you have a contract to that effect.

3. What kind of services the agency provides: presentation, advertising, advice and assistance. Ideal is to provide them all.