What you should know about a real estate transaction?

The stages of buying a real estate:


  • Choosing a real estate takes time and a good preparation: This requires better information on the type of property you want to buy. To purchase you must choose between buying it yourself or through an estate agency. If you choose the first option, you must assume the risks of buying a property with possible hidden defects (mortgages, construction defects, or if you purchase a land, the impossibility to build). If you choose the second option, which is not compulsory, you will simplify your life. The agencies are daily dealing with owners and real estate offers, property documents and so on. The agency will handle the legal aspects of the transaction and will make the necessary link between the seller and the buyer, aiming that all legal aspects of the parties to be respected.



  •  Choosing an estate agency: Choosing an estate agency is done after the same criteria as in any other economic relationship.
  • The real estate agent: Hopes will be linked on the activity and skill of the real estate agent and the estate agency, to find the right property that you desire. But you have to tell him all the necessary information, so he can understand better what you want to buy:  what type of proprietary you wish, city, neighborhood, comfort, the maximum price that you can pay and so on.
  • If you want to buy one of the real estate presented by the agency, you have to do a sale-purchase pre-contract with the seller: To achieve this, you must pay the seller an amount of money (deposit) and to pay the service to the agency.
  • Legal transfer of the property: Buying a property must be made with authentic document, meaning by a signed document at the notary public, under the legal previsions.
  •  Who signs the documents: Even if the writing of the document is done by a notary or a lawyer, it is advisable that the parties to look carefully on the document.
  • Beware of the contract price, ask for explicit guarantees and it’s good to have witnesses.
  • Once concluded the sale-purchase agreement, everyone can be sure it is the owner. Precautions should not miss though.