What you should know when buying a plot of land?

At first view things are quite simple: you saw it, liked it and you bought it! In fact, you should know that there are some very important things that complicate the acquisition of a plot of land, but which will save you unpleasant surprises later.

Location-area: It is good to know from the beginning what destination we will give to the plot of land. If we want to buy a plot of land just as an alternative to bank deposits, the location is essential. Before anything else you must find the areas where the evolution of prices will keep growing.


  • Utilities: If the acquisition of the plot of land aims to build an office building or a house, along with the location, another essential element to follow is the network plan with the associated utilities. In fact, all these elements are reflected in the price of the plot of land. A land without utilities, in an adjacent area without infrastructure will be priced as the gaps. All these gaps are future investments (expenses), which you have to take into account.
  • Town Planning: Town planning has two important items: the legal and technical case.
  • Neighbors, openings, sidewalks and the roads of servitude: Note also other building limitations in the area, for example the space you must leave form the neighbors. What minimum opening the plot of land must have to the street? If you want to buy a plot of land in an area where there are not many buildings and where there are not paved streets and sidewalks yet, go to the city hall and ask if you must leave space for the sidewalk. Otherwise, it is possible that you must withdraw the fence two feet for the sidewalk, when it will be made, and will ruin all your plans. If the plot of land is attached to the land of another owner without street between it, the seller must leave an access road, a strip along the plot of land.
  • Utility pipes that are under crossing a land and the power lines: It is required to check if gas pipelines go under the plot of land or if there were no other buildings before which may have affected the soil structure. If the land is under crossed by gas pipelines you do not have the right to build anything on a large perimeter, although the land is buildable. It is not recommended to buy a plot of land near the high voltage power lines. It is likely that human health to be influenced by magnetic fields and is likely also not to get permission for construction.
  • The land is recommended to be located on a flat surface or on a higher point. You can do some special soil tests that will ensure you can build exactly what you want.
  • Legal acts: Overcoming the technical restrictions we recommend that you be careful also to the legal ones. You can avoid future problems by calling to the advices of specialists, estate agencies, lawyers and notaries.