Which are the steps to buy a property?

If you decided to buy a property and you do not know what steps to follow, below you will find these information.

The first step is to determine the final sale price with the seller and to make sure there is no misunderstanding in this respect.

The second step is to check the property documents of the seller, to convince yourself that there are no problems with the legal status of the real estate. It is preferable to do the verification in the presence of a lawyer.



The third step is to sign the sale-purchase pre-contract. This pre-contract is a promise assumed by both parties to conclude in the future, at the price agreed, the sale-purchase agreement of the property. By the pre-contract are set a series of important elements:


  • the price of the sale-purchase;
  • the deadline at which the final sale-purchase agreement must be signed;
  • the release term of the real estate;
  • the advance paid via the pre-contract;
  • the payment method of the property price.

It is preferable that the signing of the pre-contract to be done in front of a notary public or in the presence of a lawyer. The pre-contract is very important since by its signing the agreement between the parties acquires legal value, and if one side wants to disregard this provision, the other party can successfully address at the court.

The fourth step is signing the final sale-purchase agreement in front of the notary public. After signing the contract, the notary public who has authenticated the document is obliged to convey it to the responsible real estate register office, so that  the property right of the buyer to be registered in the real estate register. In term of no later than 30 days after signing the sale-purchase agreement, the buyer is obliged to present himself at the financial administration in whose jurisdiction the property purchased is located, where his registration is done as holder of fiscal role for the property.