Wrapping gifts: three rules worth knowing

Everyone likes to receive gifts, but also to offer them. It must be the joy on one’s face when receiving the present that makes the ones that gives to keep doing it over and over again. The truth is that finding the perfect gift is definitely a complicated process and it is recommended to know the receiver a bit, to be aware of his or her tastes and preferences. Still, since this does not always happen, you can always win back popularity through wrapping. For some people this is more than a necessity. It is an art. Some people look for the perfect paper and ribbon for gifts and they are willing to order online, especially for the event, if they know for a fact that these details would improve the appearance of the gift. Even though you might not be able to turn gift-wrapping into an actual art, it would be good to know a few rules to guide you through the process.

Pick the wrapping paper


As you have noticed, there are all sorts of wrapping papers these days. Some have amazing patterns, while some are simple. Some are made from a thicker paper. When picking out the paper you should keep the receiver of the gift in mind. For instance, a colourful wrapping paper, filled with all kinds of shapes and forms would be more appropriate for a baby shower or a child’s birthday. An adult would find it funny, but the gift might not live up to expectations in the end, unless, of course, the receiver has a more childish character. Usually going for a simple looking wrapping paper is the smart thing to do, as you will be given the freedom to choose other elements.


The gift ribbon


Here you have two choices. You can place such a ribbon in the middle, but in this case you have to go for a large one. It should stand out, especially if it has a pattern. Or you could place a smaller bow on one of the sides. This will provide you with a more romantic wrapping and it works for small gifts. Also, try to choose the ribbon attentively and consider all options. If you have decided to go for simple wrapping paper, then bring colour by means of the ribbons selected. There are rich collections out there. So make sure you take a good look at all your options.


Carefully fixing corners


Wrapping gifts is more of a question of patience, not necessarily difficulty. It is actually very simple if you put your mind to it, but it is very important to be careful at details. For instance, make sure that around the corners of the box, the paper is wrapped carefully and does not make lines. Also, it is important to use clear tape. This way, the wrapping will seem natural.


Wrapping is, as mentioned, patience before anything else. It may true that you can ask one of the shop assistants to do it for your, but it will lose its beauty. In the end, whether or not it is perfect, it really does matter. What matters is that you, yourself do it.